Torgheh-Mohammad Hassan Damanzan

Four Iranian country women from northern Khorasan, who play doetar and sing, encounter life’s challenges. Although they face several social problems they have a common passion, to release their pain through music. Even though they suffer many social prejudice and segregation on a daily basis the film depicts how music soothes them.


Born in 1961 in a country side village in Iran, Mohammad Hasan Damanzan is a cinema graduate. He was 10 when his family moved to Tehran. He initially started theater and cinema at the “Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults” as a teenager. He benefited from great educators and instructors while learning cinema and theatre. His first feature “Galan” made in 1987 was awarded the Best Film and also the Best Director in the festival of the Iranian Young Cinema Society in 1989. In 1991 he made his first documentary “Always Shining” and in 1995 “Rendezvous” his second documentary. In 2007 he made another documentary on the rebellious daughter of Abdolhossein Mirza Farman Farmaeeian called “Farmanfarma’s Daughter”. “Torgheh” is his latest documentary which won the Special Jury prize for the Best Director and the Best Sound of Cinema Verite, Iran International Documentary Film Festival 2008.


  • Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (13 – 22 March 2009/ Greece)
  • Syracuse Int’l Film Festival (24 April – 3 May 2009/ USA)
  • Doc Planet Review Film Festival (9 – 17 May 2009/ Poland)
  • School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London/ SOAS) (5-6 June 2009/UK)
  • Sarajevo Film Festival (12 – 20 Aug 2009/ Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Tertio Millennio Film Festival (1 – 6 Dec 2009/ Italy)
  • Iranian Film Festival in Netherlands (18 – 20 Dec 2009/ Netherlands)
  • Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (17 Jan 2010/ USA)
  • Das Iranische Wien (20 Jan.  2012 / Austria)
  • Gdansk Docfilm Festival (5-9 June 2013 / Poland)

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