In 1378 (Hijri), She began studying Dotar in the presence of Ghouchan masters such as Majd Ahmadi,Abasalt Rastgoo, Remezan Bardari and Mohammad Yegane and right now she is following her final stages in this field.She is working with Mr. M. Mitaghi.

She has collaborated with the art groups such as Asak and Graili and won the first place for playing solo Dotar in several festivals.In 2008 she played in role in \"Torghe\" documentary film directed by MohamadHassan Damazan which won many awards such as statue of Turquoise and Truth Cinema and. in many other festivals.In 1389 began her carrer in Kovat band supervisored by her mother and released her first album with the same name.She mentioned her mother as her mentor and her encouraging and mentioned that she owes her success to the great efforts of her mother.


  • Parvaz Homay Ft. Yalda – Dar Hasrat Didar

    Artist(s):Parvaz Homay & Yalda Abbasi & group of mastan

  • Booye sharab

    Parvaz Homay & Yalda Abbasi & group of mastan

  • Saaghiya

    Parvaz Homay & Yalda Abbasi & group of mastan

  • Shasiyar

    Parvaz Homay & Yalda Abbasi & group of mastan

  • abo atash

    Parvaz Homay & Yalda Abbasi & group of mastan

  • Torgheh-Mohammad Hassan Damanzan

    Director and Scriptwriter: Mohammad Hassan Damanzan
    Image: Masoud Emami, Behroz Faraji
    Sound Recording: Asghar Abgoon
    Sound Mix: Arash Eshaghi
    Editing: Farzad Tohidi
    Music: Golnabat Ataee, Zibasanam Haddad, Yalda Esmaeeli
    Producer: Mohammad Hassan Damanzan
    Color, DVCam, 52 min, 2008, Iran

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